Hopi Ear Candles Therapy

Hopi Ear Candles - Holistic Therapy DublinHopi Ear Candles Therapy  is an ancient treatment practiced by many civilisations.

The art of ear candling (also known as Thermal Auricular Therapy) handed down by our ancestors, has been rediscovered as a pleasant and non-invasive treatment of the ears and a great healing tool.

Hopi Ear Candles are often used today as a relaxing treatment to ease away the stresses of our Western culture and to address a number of problems relating to the ear, neck and face areas.


What are Hopi Ear Candles?

Hopi Ear Candles - BiosunHopi Ear Candles used with in our practice are the Hopi Ear candles made by Biosun. These candles are made by hand using only natural products  such as organic linen, pure bees wax , honey extract and essential oil of St John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum), chamomile and sage.

Biosun candles are certified medical products according to the EU guidelines EC93 42 EEC for medical products and the German product medical law .

Ear candles are specially designed with a safety filter and have a red line marked on them to designate the maximum burn level.


How do Hopi Ear Candles work?

The candles work as a chimney when it is lit and inserted into the ear it creates a light gentle suction  within the ear. The cold air rises up through the candle then the motion of the flame causes the warm air to decend within the candle.

The motion of the air flow also carries the vibration of the flame which resonates on the ear drum giving it a gentle massage.The flame heates the air flow within the candle this heat will increase blood and lymph flow around the ear cleansing and detoxing the area.

They are particularly effective in treating the following conditions:

  • Headache and migraine
  • Compacted ear wax
  • Glue ear
  • Tinnitus
  • Frontal and para nasal Sinus problems
  • Colds, Rhinitis, Sore throats.
  • Ear pressure problems and more.

(If you are in doubt about any of these conditions or problems you have with your ear you must consult your GP before attending a treatment).

Most clients find the treatment relaxing and regularly describe a “slight relieved feeling” in the ears and head, as well as feeling relaxed and calm. Indeed some clients even fall asleep during treatment!


Frequently Asked Questions about Hopi Ear Candles Treatment

What can I expect during the treatment?

The treatment duration is about 45mins. During this time the ear candeling will be carried out in both ears and following this a specialised massage stimulating lymphatic drainage of the face, scalp, neck and ears will be applied.

Does the candle residue go into the ear?

No – the candles are made with a plug inside which prevents anything going into the ear.

I suffer from a lot of wax will it help me?

Yes it would. I have a number of clients who previously endured the discomfort of syringing, but now visit me for Hopi treatment instead. It is a gentler treatment and there is no risk of damage to the ear drum as with syringing.

Does it help to have a treatment before taking a flight?

Yes – especially if you suffer with your ears or have sinus problems, it is a good idea to have a treatment prior to your flight to get rid of any excess wax.

Are there any contra-indications?

Whilst there are no known contra-indications to date, as a precaution Hopi Ear Candles are not to be used in the following instances:

  • there is inflammation or infection in the ear
  • in the event of an allergic reaction to the contents
  • perforation or lack of eardrum
  • ventilation tubes, auricular drains or grommets
  • recent ear surgery
  • auricular cysts
  • acute mastoiditis
  • otosclerosis or otospongiosis
  • ear tumour


Hopi Ear Candles Treatment Appointments

To learn more how Hopi Ear Candles Therapy can benefit you or to book an appointment, speak to Margaret Sinnott on 01 818 6771 04 or 087 293 6159 , or request a callback by filling out our Contact Form.

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